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Children's rest in Belarus

“Brestagrozdravnitsa” Therapeutic Enterprise”, OJSC

belarus goroda

225027, Belarus, Brest Region, Brest District, the district of Berestie settlement.

Adults and children are invited to have rest and to improve their health in the Health Resorts of the 1st category in OJSC “Therapeutic Enterprise “Brestagrozdravnitsa” that holds 402 rooms and in the subsidiary “Health Resort “Alesya” that holds 262 rooms (Zavishie village, Ivanovsky District, Brest Region, ).

Health Resorts, located on the banks of lakes in pine-leaf forest, favorable meteorological factors, natural landscape, and natural water storage create the best conditions for rest.

Modern medical equipment ensures high quality treatment.


“Nadeshda”, Children’s Rehabilitation and Health Improvement Center, the subsidiary “Nadeshda - XXI century”, Belarusian-German Joint Charitable Enterprise, LLC

222445, Belarus, Minsk Region, Vileika District, Budishche village

Children's Rehabilitation and Health Improvement Center “Nadeshda” is the therapeutic resort active all year round. It is located in Belarus, Minsk Region, Vileika District; 80 km away from Minsk, surrounded by picturesque pine forest, it is located in the water protection park belt away from highways and major cities. Medical profile is general, aimed at the general improvement of the immune system. Modern resource facilities are created by using ecologically clean materials.

The Center is equipped with autonomous heating and running water supply system. There are three bedroom buildings, school, three guest homes, cafeteria, cultural and health improvement complex (gym, workshops and studios), stadium, sports grounds, playgrounds for children and recreation areas on the premises.

Medical facilities include hydropathic building with sauna, juicebar, physical and aromatherapy facilities, speleological therapy room, manual massage room, dentist's office, inhalation room, and gym. Meals are served in the canteen in the small dining room. Main agricultural products, cultivated at the own farm based on principles of ecologically clean farming, are used for cooking. The Center offers health resort treatment and educational and health improvement programs for children and teenagers; as well as family vacations with thematic programs.


“Belorussia”, Health Resort, State Medical Institute of the Administrative Depa rtment of the President of the Republic of Belarus

98671, Ukraine, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Yalta, Koreiz, Miskhorskiy spusk, house 2

Specialized all-year-round Health Resort offers treatment to parents with children. The highest level of accreditation (the certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Ukraine, Series МЗ №008028 as of 30.09.09 valid until 30.09.12 Registration №5123).

The primary profile of the Health Resort is the treatment of patients with chronic not specific respiratory diseases, including nasal diseases. Treatment and rehabilitation of patients with vascular diseases are effective.

Lodging is possible in suites, and in comfortable single and double rooms.

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