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Mount Induk is known to the climbers of the region Krasnodarskij Kraj for many years already. But the first routes were climbed only when the railway Gorajchij Kluch – Tuapse was finished (year 1979). Common at that time was the traditional way to climb. Nobody even thought about bolts and sport climbing. Unfortunately some topos and descriptions were lost because nobody planned to compile a climbing guidebook. These rocks were only climbed for training purposes in preparation for mountaineering in the Caucasus.

The first free climbing routes appeared with increased popularity of sport climbing. At the beginning there were only topropes and later climbers started to leadclimb routes. In the middle of the 90ies the wave of free climbing reached this area as well. Local climbers started to discover the crags nearby their towns and countries. Unfortunately potential of the crags was not enough. 20-30 routes was the limit. All the work has been done on a voluntary basis by enthusiasts. Since the beginning of the 20th century mount Induk is the most popular climbing area in the Krasnodarskij kraj. It’s no surprise – mount Induk has interesting rocks, huge prospects, already existing routes and a beautiful environment.

Here are some important events which took place on mount Induk recently.

2003 – The first sport climbing competition which was organized in compliance with modern rules.Genadij Dulcev have finished his climbing guidebook for that area.

2005 – Championship of Krasnodarskij kraj (lead).

2006 – The first outdoor climbing festival “Skaly yuga” (Rocks of the South).

2007 – Creation of this website. The second outdoor climbing festival “Skaly yuga”. Championship of Krasnodarskij kraj (technique of mountaineering).


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